Saturday, October 10, 2015

Colorado Road Trip & "Art For The Sangres"

I just got back home from a road trip to Colorado last week for the "Art For The Sangres" art show in Westcliffe, Colorado.  It was my first time doing this show and I had a wonderful time.  Since I haven't been blogging for quite some time, I thought I better get back to it.  My winter art shows will be starting up soon (next month) and there will be so much to share.  In this post I just want to share some images from my trip to Colorado.

The day I left Phoenix, it rained all the way to Durango.  I stayed the first night in Durango and then went on to Westcliffe the next day.  It is quite a long drive but the views were spectacular.  All of the fall colors were popping.

I arrived at "Painted View Ranch" to set up my work for the exhibition.  This annual event called "Art For the Sangres" is held at this beautiful ranch each year in the Wet Mountain Valley (one of the last great ranching valleys of Colorado.)  This art show is a fundraising event to support the San Isabel Land Protection Trust. By purchasing art, 40% went to protecting land, water, and wildlife.  I was very happy to be a part of this years show along with 23 other fine artists.

"Painted View Ranch" 

I spent a day 4 wheeling way up in the mountains.  The scenery and wildlife there is amazing.  I loved it.

Opening Night at "Art For the Sangres"
Opening Night - Art for the Sangres
Artists - Adele Earnshaw, Joe Garcia, Barbara Rudolph
Two of my favorite artists were also doing this show, and I was so excited that I finally got to meet them in person.  Adele Earnshaw from New Zealand.  She is an amazing artist.  Also "Joe Garcia" a fabulous wildlife painter.  My parents purchased a piece from him many years ago, so it was really fun to finally meet him.  I have to say all of the art there was gorgeous!

I have to mention one of my favorite things we did while in Westcliffe, was visit the "Loan-A-Ranger Pawn shop.'  It was fabulous for photographing objects for some future still-life paintings.  The owner was so kind to allow me to do that.  I was searching for a "banjo" because I needed some pictures for a future painting.  We found a banjo too and my friends ended up purchasing it.  They live in Westcliffe, and now can polish up their skills at playing the banjo.  We had a great time!

Banjo purchase
 My favorite "pawn shop"     "Loan-A-Ranger"
Loan-A-Ranger Pawn Shop - Westcliffe, CO

Driving home was a gorgeous drive too.  The beautiful moon, I had to stop to take some photos of the eclipse.  My pictures didn't come out as nice as this one that my cousin Steve took back in Westcliffe.

Barbara Rudolph
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