Saturday, July 25, 2015

Painting in progress - Yellow Lab - Step by Step

"Oil Painting of Emma (the yellow lab) In-Progress"

A few months ago I took care of my friends yellow lab "Emma "while they were away in Italy.  I had also taken some photos of her swimming in the river and decided that one of those images might make a nice oil painting for one of my upcoming art shows.  I also wanted to try and paint "water", which I have never done before.  So this is my progress so far....

I began the painting with a few coats of "black gesso:

Letting each coat of gesso dry thoroughly and sanding in between as necessary.  Once the gesso had set up ( a day or two ),   I painted in my oil ground.  It is my deep green background color.  

After the underpainting was dry, I chalked in the position of the dog.  In the image above I had just started to block in the color of "Emma."

Check back soon to see the painting progress.  

Here are some pictures of "Emma - the yellow lab".....

"Life is Good"

"Fun with Emma in the backyard"

"Emma & Addie"

We sure do miss you Emma.... and your owner's too.

Barbara Rudolph

You can follow the real adventures of "Emma" on the link below.  She travels the country with her owner "Ken Newman" a well known award winning sculptor.

click here:

Their journey "Sculpting on the Road. Sculpting from wood and in clay for bronze sculptures, Ken Newman and Debbie share how travel impacts Ken' sculpture and their lives. This blog includes weekly conversations about sculpting, art shows, museum exhibitions, art organizations, galleries, selling art and the business of art. 


Sculpting on the Road said...

We (Ken, Deb and Emma) miss you too... So exciting to see the painting progress!

Guenevere Schwien said...

Very cool to see your progress. It is always interesting to see how other artists do what they do.