Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yellow Lab oil painting - Step by Step - My Continuing Progress - (2nd post)

My Continuing Progress...

Ok....Now getting back to where I left off the other day ... on Post #1  (Painting in progress of the yellow lab named Emma)

The image above is from the first post.  To refresh, I had taken a photograph of my friend's lab "Emma" while she was playing fetch in the river.  I chose one of my favorite images above to work from in this painting.  You can refer to my first post to see more images from the early stages of this oil painting.   (Click on images to see them larger)

Today's progress....

After a few days break I got back to painting on this canvas today.  This next image is where I began  continuing to paint in the fur on the tail and back legs.  (There is a lot of work to do yet on the water droplets, so for now they are just simply blocked in with my first layer of color.)

Next:  Painting in the first layers of the wet fur and working my way down to where the fur meets the water....

Here I just begin to paint in the area of the water.  This is only a first layer and I will probably do many layers allowing each to dry in between to achieve the realistic look I am going for.

I also will do several layers of paint to achieve the look of wet fur.  I worked my way down to the water in this stage while I allow my first layer of fur to dry.

I am using a medium called "Walnut Alkyd Medium."  I am mixing it with my oil paint to help it flow smoothly.  A friend had given me this bottle to try and I really like it.  It really helps to move the paint around when working into a dry surface.

I also really like to use"Lucas 1862 Finest Artists Oil Paints."

This paintbrush also is very helpful to achieve the "wet fur" look.  I actually paint with it putting the pointed part of the brush down and moving it upwards.  It is a 1/4" Dagger by Princeton Art & Brush Co.  #3050DG

Here I am continuing to paint in the beginning of the water motion....

More water detail here....(my photo came out a little dark here, but you get the idea)

Tune in next time to see more of this painting in progress...

Barbara Rudolph

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