Monday, December 22, 2014

PAINTING A WOLF IN OIL - "Wolf with Magpie Feather" - "Bye Bye Birdie"

In progress

A few months ago I started an "oil painting of a wolf."  Attached are some of the in-progress painting images.  I am skipping the earliest sketches of this painting because I unfortunately took those photos with my cell phone and cannot seem to download them to my computer.  So ... after several failed attempts to retrieve those first images, I am beginning with some photos of the early stage of the painting and after most of the initial color has already been blocked in.

In progress 2

I had to do many layers of color in order to achieve the softness of the fur.  The eye was tricky as well as the proper placement of the ear.  I had to redo those areas several times to get it right.  I had some initial constructive criticism to help me see my problem areas from friend and "master animal & bird sculptor Ken Newman."  He knows animals inside and out, and was very helpful.  ( I am not sure he will approve or not of the finished painting as far as proportions go, but I am happy with the finished result.     Scroll down to see ......

 Still early on in the painting here

Continuing to add layers in the fur

Working more on the eye, nose and shadows

click to enlarge

"Bye Bye Birdie"

Painting in the "feather" helped to keep my "birds in art" theme going as I try to branch out into some new "wildlife" paintings.

This oil painting will be custom framed and available at the opening of the "Celebration of Fine Art" in Scottsdale.  The opening is on January 17th and brings together 100 fine artists from across the country.  We all set up studios there and work and sell our art over the 10 week duration of the event.

(A special thanks to the photographer of this wolf image - "Joe Casselli" who gave me permission to paint it.)

Barbara Rudolph

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