Friday, October 10, 2014

Farmers Market inspired painting in progress - Bunny with Pink Beauty Radish

Lately,  I have been going to the local "farmers market" to purchase my favorite heirloom tomatoes and various organic fruits and vegetables.  Now that the weather is finally cooling off here in Arizona and we are heading into fall, there are lots of wonderful veggies in season.  Sometimes the fruits and veggies are so beautiful that I can hardly wait to get home to photograph them (for future painting reference) before they get eaten.

Last week I picked up some huge "pink radishes" that are called "Pink Beauties."  The pink "radish" is what inspired a new painting....

Above is a photograph of the "Pink Beauty Radish" that I purchased at the "farmers market" and is also the inspiration for this new painting....

"Pink Beauties"
Annual Rose-pink color, round, smooth, small taproot, unique flavor, crisp white flesh, grows large but stays mild and not pithy, adds a delightful and unique color to relish trays.

Veggies from the local farmers market

This kind of radish is called the "French Breakfast Radish"

This is the beginning of the new "radish" painting.   I took my favorite photograph from a series I shot of the "pink beauties" to work from.  I had already prepared my canvas with a background color and allowed the oil paint to dry completely.  I then chalked in my idea for the "radish" painting.

No "radish" painting would be complete without a "bunny rabbit", so I decided to have the "pink beauties" laying on top of an old wooden box with the bunny looking at them.

(Now.....I know what you are thinking...."Where is the bird going to be?")  I have decided that this painting will not have a "bird."  I still specialize in "birds in art" however I have had a desire lately to paint more wildlife.  There are a lot of challenges in learning to paint fur and to capture a likeness of the animal.  I find it is a new direction I am heading into.

1st step   -  painting in the "pink beauties"

The next step in the painting is to begin to fill in the first layer of color.  The "radish" will take several layers of color to get the "pink" color right.  The leaves will also take several layers of color.  I allow each layer of oil paint to dry first before I glaze on the next layer of color.

Here I have added more color to the "radish" and also beginning to paint in the old wooden box and bunny.

This is the stage I am at now with this painting.  I still have a long way to go but the main colors have been blocked in.

Tune in again later to see the progress of this new painting.

Barbara Rudolph

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bluebird on Corinthian capital from the Metropolitan Museum of Art - oil painting

"At The MET"

I recently finished up this "oil painting" that was inspired by my visit to the "Metropolitan Museum of Art" in New York.   One of my favorite galleries in the museum was the gallery of European Sculptures.  Some of the highlights I enjoyed were the Italian Renaissance and French 18th century sculptures.  The Greek and Roman galleries are full of classical art with objects from small engraved gemstones to over-lifesize statues.

I took a lot of photographs for painting reference ....  and this "Roman" pilaster capital caught my eye for a painting.  This capital was once set against a wall.  It is dated from the 1st half of the 1st century A.D.

Scroll Down to see this painting in progress..................

Standing in front of the MET - I was looking up

Beginning my painting here.  I already painted in the background and allowed it to dry.  Then I chalked in my sketch of the capital and began to paint it in oil.

Working to fill in more of the background of the capital here

Jumping ahead....I paint in the first layer of my "Bluebird."  

The Eastern Bluebird is also the State Bird of New York

Once I painted in the shadow of the capital it started to add more depth to it

Adding the Finishing touches

This new oil painting is 24 x 24" and is painted on deep gallery wrapped canvas.  It will be for sale this winter at my art show:  "The Celebration of Fine Art" in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Barbara Rudolph


A few favorites from the gallery

Sitting on the steps in front of the MET