Thursday, July 24, 2014

"The Bluebird Blend" - Oil Painting of Bluebird on Teacup

"The Bluebird Blend"

This brand new oil painting has a little "bluebird" sitting on a blue and white teacup.  It will make a nice companion piece to go with several other of my little "birds on teacup" paintings.  I have a special offer going on now to purchase this little 7 x 5" painting in a "Giclee - print on canvas board."

I am taking orders now through August 10th with a special price of only $75.00 each (for a limited time only)  which will also include FREE SHIPPING in the US.    (email me to order)

It would make a wonderful gift for someone too.

See more paintings in this series on my website:

Barbara Rudolph

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Sandra Busby said...

This is exquisite! Really beautiful :0)