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Colors on my Palette Interview

Colors on my Palette Interview - Barbara Rudolph

I won an little online competition about a month ago with "Contemporary Fine Art International" and was asked to do an interview.  I actually forgot about it until now.... but it is posted on their site for the entire month of June.  These following questions are what I was asked to answer.   I decided to also post it on my blog here to give credit to some of my favorite "wildlife" artists:


When did you realize you loved art and wanted to be ‘an artist’?
I have loved art for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a little girl I loved to draw. I didn't make the full time jump into becoming an artist until I was in my mid 20s.
Who has been the greatest influence from your past to mentor you to this career?
I had a couple of college professors that were very encouraging to me. They were also very honest about communicating the difficulties I would face when pursuing art as a full time career which made me want to work even harder. My late father was always encouraging of my artistic ventures. He also was "accidentally" the reason I made a major change in my painting theme. It was unfortunately not until after his passing that I pursued painting "birds" full time and gained success at it.
Who is your mentor today, or another artist you admire and why?
I don't have a specific mentor today, but I wish I did. I think it's important, but not so easily found. I know of a few well known wildlife artists that I like to follow that also paint or sculpt in a realistic style. I also have a few friends that are phenomenal artists that I ask to critique my work if given the opportunity. One friend and "master sculptor" of wood and bronze is "Ken Newman" - he does a lot of museum shows. A few other artists that I truly admire but have not actually met are: Carl Brenders, Nancy Howe, James Offeman, Grace Kim and Julia Hargreaves. They all do outstanding work! There are many others too.
What is your favorite surface to paint on? Describe it if you make it yourself.
When I paint on canvas I prefer to have it custom stretched. The canvas quality is better and tighter. I sand it lightly to remove most of the texture if I can. I then almost always do 2-3 coats of black gesso. I let it dry a few days and then do an oil ground. I stock pile the primed and ready to go backgrounds in my studio so that when the ideas are flowing...I can begin to paint on them right away. I also sometimes use Ampersand panels, however I still find I have to prime them first. The reason is because they tend to absorb the paint up way to quickly if you don't. They do not work well on large scale paintings because they warp. No matter what the label tells you... they warp! I do like to use them for 11x14" size and under. They are a time saver because I don't have to sand them. I purchase the "smooth" surfaces, which usually have to be ordered online. The local art stores usually only carry the medium to! oth surface, which would be great for people who paint with thick paint.
What brand of paints do you use?
My absolute favorite are the "Lukas 1862 Finest Artists Oil Paints" from Germany. They are rich and buttery.
Do you have a favorite color palette?
I tend to like a lot of variations of brown and other natural colors.
What is your favorite color in your clothes closet?
That would be a toss up between bright red and fuchsia.
What subject appears the most in your paintings and why?
"Birds" I often paint the birds with classic books, vintage musical instruments and even with some sports themes.
How often do you paint? How many hours a week?
I try to paint every day. Some days are spent on planning and getting ready to paint the still life by taking photographs etc. I never counted the hours, but I spend a lot of time in the studio.
How would you like to be remembered?
As a nice person. Creative, friendly, kind, funny and a good artist. I hope my art will last a lot longer than I will and can bring joy to others.
What color sheets are on your bed right now?
Ivory...but I change my duvet pattern 3-4 times a year. That is where my color comes in.
What book are you reading this week?
Dreams and Visions. Also another book a client just published and asked me to ready is "Open Spaces Open Hearts." and I tend to speed read a lot of the classics for my future painting ideas too. Currently....books by Raymond Chandler and Hemmingway.
Do you have a favorite television show?
I like to watch "The Good Wife" and "Chicago Fire".
What is your favorite food?
What are you most proud of in your life?
Finally making a living as an artist.
Who would you love to interview?
One of the artists that I mentioned earlier in the interview would be nice.
Who would you love to paint?
A lot of people but generally in costume.
Share something with us that few people know about you.
I am kind of a loner.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Paris or maybe Venice. I would however settle for Colorado.
Any other thoughts to share?
Work hard. Be the best you can be ...and always give thanks.


CFAI page:!colors-on-my-palette-interview/cy2z

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