Thursday, May 29, 2014

Painting the "Oakland A's" - step by step

"Oakland A's oil painting in progress"
Here is a photograph of an in-progress oil painting commission I am working on.  I am capturing the likeness of the official "Oakland A's" baseball cap with their team colors of green and yellow.   Since I specialize in "painting birds" I am also painting a little yellow chick on top of the "baseball cap."  It makes for a fun title ....   "Fowl Ball"  as opposed to a"Foul Ball."

In the image above I have already painted the background of the oil painting and began to paint in the green area of the baseball hat.  I have already chalked in my design here.  You can follow my progress in the images below.  

Here is the next phase in the painting:
"Oakland A's oil painting still in progress

Here I have started to add the white to the baseball. 
"Oakland A's oil painting - in-progress"
It takes a lot of layers to achieve the realistic look.  I have to allow each under layer to dry before I can paint the next layer of color.  The baseball stitching is never my favorite part, but it is fun to watch it develop into a natural looking baseball.  It just takes a lot of patience and one less cup of coffee than I normally drink to achieve.

Here is the next stage of the painting...

I hope you will check back in again very soon to see the finished painting.   Your comments are welcome!

You can see more paintings like this one on the "Sports Page" section of my website.

Update:  click here to see the finished painting...
Oakland A's - Fowl Ball completed

Barbara Rudolph

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