Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blue and White Tea cups with yellow bird - oil painting

This little oil painting with "tea cups" was a commission.  The "Blue and white tea cups" belong to the lady that commissioned me to paint it.  She shipped me her cups and I was able to photograph them for the painting.  I just finished it and now  I will varnish it and get it off in the mail in the next couple of days.

"Blue and White" china has always been popular.  I love the various cobalt blue designs and patterns that date all the way back from the Middle-East in the 9th century.  The Cobalt blue pigments were excavated from the local mines in central Iran and then were exported as raw material to China.

The blue and white technique was fully developed in China with porcelain technology in the 14th century.  On some occasions, Chinese blue and white wares also incorporated Islamic designs.

Here are a just a few wonderful "blue-and-white" designs that are popular now:

Barbara Rudolph


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