Thursday, May 29, 2014

Painting the "Oakland A's" - step by step

"Oakland A's oil painting in progress"
Here is a photograph of an in-progress oil painting commission I am working on.  I am capturing the likeness of the official "Oakland A's" baseball cap with their team colors of green and yellow.   Since I specialize in "painting birds" I am also painting a little yellow chick on top of the "baseball cap."  It makes for a fun title ....   "Fowl Ball"  as opposed to a"Foul Ball."

In the image above I have already painted the background of the oil painting and began to paint in the green area of the baseball hat.  I have already chalked in my design here.  You can follow my progress in the images below.  

Here is the next phase in the painting:
"Oakland A's oil painting still in progress

Here I have started to add the white to the baseball. 
"Oakland A's oil painting - in-progress"
It takes a lot of layers to achieve the realistic look.  I have to allow each under layer to dry before I can paint the next layer of color.  The baseball stitching is never my favorite part, but it is fun to watch it develop into a natural looking baseball.  It just takes a lot of patience and one less cup of coffee than I normally drink to achieve.

Here is the next stage of the painting...

I hope you will check back in again very soon to see the finished painting.   Your comments are welcome!

You can see more paintings like this one on the "Sports Page" section of my website.

Update:  click here to see the finished painting...
Oakland A's - Fowl Ball completed

Barbara Rudolph

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blue and White Tea cups with yellow bird - oil painting

This little oil painting with "tea cups" was a commission.  The "Blue and white tea cups" belong to the lady that commissioned me to paint it.  She shipped me her cups and I was able to photograph them for the painting.  I just finished it and now  I will varnish it and get it off in the mail in the next couple of days.

"Blue and White" china has always been popular.  I love the various cobalt blue designs and patterns that date all the way back from the Middle-East in the 9th century.  The Cobalt blue pigments were excavated from the local mines in central Iran and then were exported as raw material to China.

The blue and white technique was fully developed in China with porcelain technology in the 14th century.  On some occasions, Chinese blue and white wares also incorporated Islamic designs.

Here are a just a few wonderful "blue-and-white" designs that are popular now:

Barbara Rudolph


Monday, May 19, 2014

Blue Jay Oil Sketch

"Blue Jay"
oil sketch

I have always thought that "blue jays" were pretty birds.  They are a common large crested songbird with a broad, rounded tail.  They are known for their intelligence and have a tight family bond.  They can have a white or light gray underneath, with various shades of blue, black and white above.

I am going to try and paint about 80 of these "oil sketches" over the next few months.  I have a ton of work to complete by fall, but these small paintings keep things fresh.  I am using "Ampersand Artist Panels" with the "smooth" finish.  I tend to always start with very dark backgrounds first, so to change things up a bit....I am going to just leave the backgrounds white.  I like the contrast against the white backgrounds.

This "blue jay" is the first new one of my small "oil sketches."  Each one will be for sale either through my website or at one of my upcoming shows.  This one measures 5 x 7".


Barbara Rudolph


Some information about Blue Jays:

  • Behavior

    Blue Jays make a large variety of calls that carry long distances. Most calls produced while the jay is perched within a tree. Usually flies across open areas silently, especially during migration. Stuffs food items in throat pouch to cache elsewhere; when eating, holds a seed or nut in feet and pecks it open.
  • Habitat

    Blue Jays are birds of forest edges. A favorite food is acorns, and they are often found near oaks, in forests, woodlots, towns, cities, parks.

Friday, May 2, 2014

"The Rookie" - Baseball painting

"The Rookie" 
oil on canvas

The painting image above is a recent painting I did called "The Rookie."  I have posted it before, but just happened to see that the amazing painting "The Rookie" by "Norman Rockwell" is now on display at the "Museum of Fine Art" in "Boston."  

I was just in "Boston" this time last year ... and boy am I sorry I missed the opportunity to see this painting in real life.  My oil painting "The Rookie" is available at "Mystique Fine Art Gallery" in Scottsdale, Arizona...and is a one of a kind.  (no prints are available)

If you are in "Boston"....don't miss a visit to the "Museum of Fine Art" to see Norman Rockwell's painting "The Rookie."

Celebrate the Red Sox and Norman Rockwell’s 'The Rookie'   at the "Museum of Fine Art in Boston"   April 29 - May 4th

Celebrate the 2013 World Champion Red Sox, and see the beloved Norman Rockwell painting The Rookie (1957). Rockwell’s classic work portrays a group of seasoned players sizing up the newest team member in the Red Sox locker room during spring training in Sarasota, Florida. The painting was previously on display at the MFA in 2005 and 2008, following those memorable World Championship wins for the Sox.
The painting appeared on the cover of the March 2, 1957 edition of theSaturday Evening Post, a publication most closely identified with Rockwell, and for which he produced more than 300 covers.
Above: Norman Perceval Rockwell, The Rookie (Red Sox Locker Room), 1957. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of Christie’s, New York. The Rookie illustration © SEPS licensed by Curtis Licensing Indianapolis, IN. All rights reserved. Image appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, March 2, 1957.


Barbara Rudolph

See more of my sports related art on the "Sports Page" section of my website:
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Scottsdale gallery info:

Museum of Fine Art in Boston

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baseball painting "The Playoffs" made first place in the April CFAI Realism challenge


"The Playoffs"

It was such a nice surprise to see that my oil painting "The Playoffs" won first place in the April artists showdown for "CFAI"  (Contemporary Fine Art International).   The theme was "realism" and I just happen to notice the opportunity to enter the contest at the last minute.  "cfai" is an online art marketing community.  Their artists are professionals with a commitment to their craft and to the marketing of their work.

"CFAI" has international artist blogs, quarterly juried shows, artists interviews, showdowns, videos and many other marketing opportunities.  You can see more about this group and even enter the various competitions here:  Contemporary Fine Art International!showdown-winners/cb0j

This original oil painting is custom framed and available at Mystique Fine Art Gallery in Scottsdale.

It is also available in a limited edition of giclee prints on canvas 11 x 14" (unframed)   $424.     contact me if interested in a signed and numbered giclee on canvas.  See more like this on my website under the "sports page" portfolio.

Barbara Rudolph

See more like this painting on "The Sports Page" section of my website:
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