Friday, April 4, 2014

"Well Traveled" Oil painting with old trunk, sparrows and WW2 map

"Well Traveled"

This new oil painting was fun and challenging.  It was painted in oil on canvas.  I was invited to take some photographs of an old suitcase and thought that it would eventually make a nice painting.  Since I specialize in painting "birds" I wanted to some how tell a story with this old trunk.  I had the finished painting hanging at my recent art show in Scottsdale, and it was interesting to watch just who got close enough to look at it and appreciate the details in the painting.  What really made it so interesting to me was the old military map at the bottom.  (So much history there..... I found this old map and how it had a story all of it's own)

Since this painting is rather monochromatic, I had to create a little interest to bring some attention to the old WW2 map at the bottom of the painting.  The map was from England, and the soft faded blue color helped to draw the eye in for a closer look.  

Even while I painted in this old map, I found myself thinking a lot about the journey it once had and who it traveled with it so long ago.

There is definitely some history behind this old map.  Who did it once belong too?  Who wrote the notes at the bottom of the map?  How long was it carried through the war and did "he" or "they" survive the journey?  

The date on the Army service map is 1944.  

In Europe, June 6, 1944, Dwight Eisenhower, the commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in World War II gave the go-ahead for a massive invasion of Europe called "Operation Overlord --
D-Day by British, Canadian and American forces and a million Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy in northern France

The title of my painting is "Well Traveled."  It started out as just another oil painting with "birds"
but after discovering the "old maps", the painting took on a whole new life and meaning to me.  I really appreciated it when someone got up close and personal to look at the whole painting and to feel a connection to it.....and message in "the journey."   It's interesting, because most people just passed by it and never really saw it, but those who did....were really touched by it.   By the way....I just sold it!  It didn't last very long, but I am so pleased that it found a new home in Michigan.

Here are some images of the old suitcase that started the idea:

It has so much character.  I loved the dark color and the worn out texture.
It even still has the old ticket stub attached

Thanks for looking!

Barbara Rudolph

In case your interested:
I found this link on the internet that shares an article and short video about D-Day.  It is very touching and quite emotional.  It is from the History channel.

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