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State Birds - Painting project continued with 4 more States

Getting my supplies together here with vintage maps of the United States and the "commemorative state bird US postal stamps."

I received a commission at my recent art show to do four more of my "State Birds" oil painting series. I will be showing some of my in-progress work here on the "State Birds" of "Maine",  "New Jersey", "Florida" and of "California."

Below is a photo (example) of two of my "State Birds" that are already finished.  The State bird of "Wyoming" - the "Western Meadowlark" .... and also the "State Bird of "New York" - the "Eastern Bluebird."

Each bird is painted with oil paint on custom stretched canvas.  The image below shows an example of the "giclee" (professional quality print) that is available of each of my completed "State Bird" paintings.  The original oil painting of the "New York State Bird" has already sold, and the original painting of Wyoming's State Bird is for sale in a gallery in Wyoming.  The giclees are lovely and are also quite popular.  You can email me if you are interested in purchasing one of the "State Bird" originals or giclees.

Below is an example of one of the steps in "State Bird" paintings in progress. I have what is called a "mixed medium" background where I adhere the pieces of the "vintage maps" onto my canvas.  I also include a few collage elements with music sheets, and in some cases architectural design elements.

I cannot show the entire state map on these because of the size restrictions of my canvas.  I chose to work on a custom size canvas of 12 x 5" each.  I want to keep that size consistent throughout all of my "State Bird" paintings.  These paintings are not really about the maps, they are about the State Birds... and the state map in the underpainting is just really for interest.  I will include the actual "State Bird" postage stamp in the final stages of my paintings.

In the image below you can see an example of the "Chickadee" - the "State Bird" of "Maine" in progress.  It is in the center showing an example of two of the finished "State Bird" pieces.  It is not finished yet...but I will be posting more images as I complete them.

Below is a photograph of the "State Bird" of "Florida" in progress.  It is the "Mockingbird."  (The mockingbird is also the "State Bird" of "Texas." (Which I have already completed...and it's available for purchase.  see my website)   Many of the States share the same "State Bird."  As I work through the United States I will always choose a different oil painting of the bird for that State, keeping it unique.  It may be years before I complete the entire US, because I am focused on other commissions currently, but I will be adding 4-6 new ones a year.  I will do them in the order that they are requested through commissions.  What is nice about that is the fact that I can make sure "your" city is not covered up by the painting of the bird.  (If you commission your "State Bird" to be painted.)

I hope you enjoy them.  Please check back soon to see the completed works of:  Maine, New Jersey, Florida, and California.

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