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State Bird of New Jersey - oil painting - American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch
State Bird Painting

This is another of my "State Bird" oil paintings.  The "American Goldfinch" is the "State Bird" of "New Jersey."   This painting is 12 x 5" on custom  stretched canvas.  It is painted over a vintage map and includes the actual "state bird postage stamp."  The original oil painting is sold, but I will be doing a series of "giclee" paper edition prints.  They will be for sale soon through my website.

New Jersey designated the "American Goldfinch" (Carduelis tristis) as the official state bird in 1935.  It is also called a wild canary.  It is a typical North American seed-eating member of the finch family, averaging 4-1/4 inches in length.  The "goldfinch" mainly eats seeds from dandelions, sunflowers, ragweed and evening primrose.

The "goldfinch" breeds across southern Canada from British Columbia to Newfoundland and through most of the United States north of the Gulf of Mexico and the core of Southwestern States.  In the springtime, they molt all but their black wing and tail feathers and their bills turn orange.  The males are a brilliant canary yellow with a jet black cap and a beautiful song.  Their winter plumage is a duller olive brown with some yellow still showing on the head.

Check back in again see more of the "State Bird" series of paintings.
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