Wednesday, April 16, 2014

State Bird of Maine oil painting "Black Capped Chickadee


Black-capped chickadee  -  The State Bird of Maine

I have just completed another one of my "State Bird" oil paintings.  Each one is painted over a vintage map of the state and includes other collage elements in the underpainting.  I always paint the "bird" in oil and finish it off with the State Bird postage stamp.  The image above is just a snapshot of the completed original.  I will have it professionally scanned for giclee (prints), and they will be crystal clear and available for purchase through my website soon.


The black-capped chickadee is a common backyard bird that inhabits the northern two thirds of the United States and Canada.  It is also the State bird of Massachusetts.  In the above painting, I was commissioned to paint the "State Bird" of Maine, and this is the finished piece.  

The Chickadees are found deep in the forests and suburban areas.  Maine designated the black-capped chickadee as the official state bird in 1927.  It is a very sociable bird that does not migrate.  (I wish we had them here in the desert Southwest.)  The "black-capped chickadee"  (Poecile atricapillus) is a member of the titmouse family. 

The chickadee has a very unique call that is one of the most complex in the animal kingdom.  They are monogamous and when they pair up they remain together for life.  The female builds the nest in abandoned woodpecker cavities or nesting boxes.  The male chickadee feeds the female during the nest building and also when she is brooding her six to eight eggs.  Both parents will share the job of feeding the babies.

The size of my "State Bird"  paintings are 12x5"

Each on is painted on custom stretched canvas. The edges are painted black.

The original oil of the State Bird of Maine, is already sold, however I will offer it in a giclee print edition very soon.

You can visit my website soon to see this and other of my State Bird oil painting series.

Barbara Rudolph

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