Friday, April 25, 2014

Botanical Garden Photos for painting reference

Images taken at the Desert Botanical Garden

(except for the lesser goldfinch....which was taken in my backyard)

I am beginning a few more of my commissioned paintings today, so my post is just a little photography of mine from the "Desert Botanical Gardens."  Not an actual painting post today but I will be posting some of the new "in-progress" paintings soon.


This is another cute picture from my backyard with the daddy quail that has been caring for his 13 babies all by himself this week.  He is definitely a "stay at home dad" because I haven't seen the mama quail at all.  It was late afternoon when I took this picture, so there are a lot of shadows...but still a pretty cute photo of the proud father.

 (click on the image to see a better close up of the baby quail)

"Who Goes There?"

Barbara Rudolph

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