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Bird Blog - Most Beautiful Birding Blog ever: "iwings" (A Must See)

"Robin Singing" 
Photograph taken by  Henny Netjes ( iwings ) from the Netherlands

I have to tell you about the most beautiful "birding blog" I have ever seen.  It is by "Henny Negjes" from the "Netherlands."  The name of her blog is "iwings".   

Her bird photography is outstanding and absolutely delightful!  She also includes wonderful small sketches and short poems on her blog too.  I came across her blog "iwings" a while back and just wanted to share it.  Although her photography is copyrighted, you can view the most spectacular images of birds from her region of the world.  

photograph by Henny Netjes  -  "iwings"

I haven't been to the "Netherlands" since 1985.  I hope to go again some day.  When I think back about my trip to "Holland"  I remember how beautiful it was.  Huge fields of tulips and the most colorful gardens, with windmills spread out across the lush landscape.   

I wish I had been interested in "birds" back then so I could have appreciated all of the gorgeous "birds" there. They say that "Holland" is best explored by bicycle.  I remember spending a day biking through the countryside so many years ago.  When the flower bulbs are blooming, this is one of the most colorful regions in the world.  For a relatively small country, the Netherlands boasts a rich variety of nature.

Take a visit to a garden in the Netherlands through "Henny Netjes" blog called "iwings"....and you can see some gorgeous "photography on birds," flowers and nature.

she calls it "iwings"  =  "Give My Eyes Wings"

Click on her site here:
Henny Netjes Blog: iwings

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