Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fawn with birds oil painting - "Beyond the Trees"

"Beyond The Trees"

This new oil painting was a fun one to work on.  I decided to paint two little "fawn" to go into one of my usual "bird" paintings.  I found a couple of beautiful photographs of the "fawn" and wrote to the photographers to ask permission to purchase and then paint them into my landscape with the "birds."  

A couple of my trees died for some odd reason last summer, and my landscaper had cut and neatly stacked the branches in a nice pile on the side of my house.  I decided to use some of the branches in my painting by placing them on the bottom shelf of a little table.  I then decided to paint the two little fawn in front of the table.  I thought the stack of branches would be a nice area to place a bird.  I suppose it's a little sentimental because I really loved the two trees that I lost.  I planted them many years ago and they thrived for many years, but I suppose their time was up.  

I took a lot of photographs of my arrangement with different lighting.  I decided on a very simple composition and just jumped right in to paint it.  

I started with a black background and then chalked in the basic composition.  Here is a snapshot of it in my studio in progress.  I don't recommend beginning the details of the painting before you figure out your background color and composition…but I jumped right into the fawn painting anyway this time.  I wanted to lay out the basics  and then decide on the color for the background.  

(I tend to break a lot of rules….but whatever works for you is the way to go)  I learn from my mistakes all the time.

I decided on a green background

Detail of one of the fawn

I stacked a couple of books on top of the table.  One of the books "Birds of the Forest" belonged to my late father.  It is a very beautiful book with lovely illustrations and information about birds.  Since I often paint "birds and books" I decided to paint this one in.  The second book I made up and also decided to use it as the title of my new painting, "Beyond The Trees."

Detail top of painting

Detail of both fawn

I added a teacup on top of the books and then painted in my branches and all of the the "birds."  This painting has kind of a story book feeling to it.  The little fawn and the birds have come together in the forest…..maybe for a "tea party?"

Wouldn't it be nice in a "Children's Hospital or Community Center?" 

Here it is framed and hanging on one of my walls at the opening of the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, Arizona.    Celebration of Fine Art

Barbara Rudolph

Photographer of the fawn laying down was by "Andrew Jackson"

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