Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Crime and Punishment - Oil Painting with Cat and Dead Goldfinch

"Crime And Punishment"
oil on canvas

This oil painting is part of my series with "books."  I painted the kitty looking over the little dead "goldfinch" with no shame in his eyes for the crime he has just committed.  I used the book "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky to get my point across.  

It was really a fun painting and has brought a lot of laughter to my studio at my current exhibition at the "Celebration of Fine Art" show in Scottsdale.  The original oil sold early on and I included the book to go with the painting.  It was such a fun painting that I decided to do a series of limited edition prints too, so those are available.

Hopefully this painting will bring a smile to your face too.  (The little "goldfinch" actually must have hit my patio window….(the kitty really didn't get him.)  I photographed the little bird to use as a study for future work.  It wasn't until later that I came across the book and the idea came into mind.  The beautiful cat was a photo I had taken of my friends kitty.

If you are interested in a giclee print of this painting, you can email me.

Barbara Rudolph

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Celebration of Fine Art

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