Thursday, January 2, 2014

Birds in still life - new oil painting - "Birds Eye View"

"Birds Eye View"
oil on canvas

This new oil painting features 2 little "goldfinch" with a couple of "bird" field guides. It also includes an old book by "Zane Grey" from 1915 titled "The Rainbow Trail."  

Zane Grey, one of the greatest storytellers of the American West, was not only a famous author, but also an avid adventurist, sportsman and world-record-setting fisherman. His name and writings are world renowned, among Western fans and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

"The Field-guide of American Wildflowers" is a book from 1902.  This is the book that referenced the "butterflies" concerned with the cross-fertilization of flowers.  I painted lots of detail here where I used a very tiny paint brush.

The old catalog of "Birds In Art" belonged to my late father who loved to carve "birds."    He passed on his love for "painting birds" to me.  "Birds In Art" is an international exhibition organized by the "Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum" in Wausau, Wisconsin.......which I hope to one day be a part of.


This new painting, "Birds Eye View" is custom framed and will be for sale at my upcoming show in Scottsdale,  at the "Celebration of Fine Art" which opens on January 11th.

Here are some more images of my painting while in-progress:

The candlesticks, books and feathers are just from around my house.  I also photographed the little birds right outside my kitchen window.  It was a very challenging painting, but I really enjoyed painting it and working from a different perspective.

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Dave Lewis said...

Hi Barbara!
Just stopped by to say I love your paintings and I always look forward to seeing your new work.