Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dog portrait in oil - "Ashley"


Oil Painting on canvas

I have been away from blogging for some time now since I lost the hard drive on my old computer.  I am finally getting back to work and have quite a few new paintings to post.  Taking a little break from my usual "bird" oil paintings, I painted this little "dog" above as a Christmas gift for a friend.

This is "Ashley."  She is a beautiful rescue "puppy" that my friend adopted.  She was actually adopted the same day I also rescued a small dog.  My little dog, unfortunately had been infected by the Parvo virus and became terribly ill and passed away within the week I had adopted her.  

Ashley, on the other hand is doing quite well and is a mixed breed, perhaps with some Australian Shepard in the mix.  Her hair is soft and has beautiful shades of reds, blond and brown.  I decided she would make a great subject to paint.

Here is an in-progress photo of her on my easel.  I had taken some earlier images of the in-progress painting, however they seem to have gotten lost when my computer crashed.

Now......I've got to get back to the "birds"   My next show is opening very soon.

The "Celebration of Fine Art" opens on January 11th, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Barbara Rudolph


Guenevere Schwien said...

Ashley looks so cuddly. I just want to touch her, you did a great job with the fur!

Guenevere Schwien said...
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