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Pictures from the 8th Annual International Guild of Realism Juried Exhibition

 Last weekend was the opening for the 8th Annual "International Guild of Realism" show.  It was a three day event for the artists who traveled here for the festivities.  There are artists from 35 countries that are members of the Guild, and 30 of the artists were able to attend this wonderful event even from as far away as Norway. artist - Jon Boe Paulsen  

My daughter Emily in the center (with the red hair) came as my guest, and myself  (next to her in the black dress).  It was a spectacular night at the VIP opening party.  The show is hanging through November 30th, at the:  "Tempe Center for the Arts."

 Some of the award winners above
(link to all the artists and winners below)

One of my favorite artists has two gorgeous paintings in this exhibition
James Van Fossan

The lovely talented Painter and Poet "Mary Jane Q Cross"
I enoyed meeting her so much!
Her beautiful painting called "Gently Letting Go" is quite large and spectacular
in person.  She paints with her fingers, no brushes - AMAZING!

Artist Josh Tiessen looking at some of the paintings in the show
He is the youngest member of the Realism Guild 
and is an amazing artist

 We had a performance by one of the X-Factor finalists and 
also guitar played by James Van Fossan

At the public opening - last day of events
Show will hang through Nov. 30th
My daughter and I at the VIP opening.  Standing on the
lake in front of the gallery 

There are so many amazing artists in this exhibition, and I was just thrilled to be a part of it.   Here are just a few of the artists websites listed below...but for a complete list go to:  to see all of them.  Also there is a wonderful article in this months "American Art Collector" magazine about the "International Guild of Realism show."  You can pick up a copy of the magazine in your local bookstore or online.

Here are just a few of the artists in the show:

Ed Copley   -
Jerry Berg -
Donald Clapper  -
Karen Yee  -
Camille Engel  -
Marsha Chandler  -
Vala Ola  -
Lee Alban  -
Linda Besse  -
Karen Budan  -
Paula  Henchell  -

See everyone in the show here:
International Guild of Realism


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