Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boston Red Sox win the World Series - paintings

The "Boston Red Sox" beat the "St. Louis Cardinals" in Wednesday nights game 6 of the "World Series."

Since I love to paint "baseball" themed paintings, I am re posting a few favorite paintings that relate to the "Boston Red Sox" and the "St. Louis Cardinals"

"Did I Hear You Say Golf?  
With the Boston Red Sox hat and marked golf ball.

Available in giclee print on canvas

"The Best Game In The World"

Available in giclee print on canvas  12 x 16"

"Spring Training"

(This one is a personal favorite of mine)  It is available in giclee prints on canvas 11 x 14"
The Chickadee is also the state bird of Massachusetts

"The Boston Tea Party"

This is a brand new painting with the State
Bird of Massachusetts

Available in giclee prints 7 x 7"


Any of these would make a great gift too.
I hope your favorite team won!

Contact me for pricing and availability.

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More new baseball paintings are in the works now....stay tuned to see them or visit my website.
Barbara Rudolph

This image came from USA Today Sports - Greg M . Cooper

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