Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Boston Tea Party" Painting of chickadee on teacups

I just finished this small oil painting called "The Boston Tea Party."  It was inspired by a recent vacation to Boston and New York.  I will be producing small giclee prints of this painting on 7 x 7" boards to match a couple of my other tea paintings.

I am now taking orders for this new giclee.  The price is $ 85.00 and I will take care of the shipping in the US, for a limited time.  If you are an Arizona resident, there will be a little tax added.  (Total $92.48)

There were so many wonderful shops and galleries in Boston.  The two red and white "teacups" that I painted in this piece were from a beautiful shop called "Devonia" on Charles St. in downtown Boston.  The sales woman allowed me to take a few photographs of these two lovey "teacups."  The "chickadee" is also the state bird of Massachusetts.

Send me an email if you would like to order "The Boston Tea Party" by August 25th to ensure delivery in early September.  It will also make a perfect gift for someone.

(Sorry...this time the easels are not included with your order) 

Barbara Rudolph

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