Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hummingbird oil painting - New miniature Anna's

Miniature oil painting"

Here is another little oil painting from my miniature series.  The little "hummingbird" is sitting on a branch and is bright and colorful.  They are beautiful birds.  Last week I witnessed one terrorizing another smaller sized "hummingbird" that got too close to the feeder.  I had just put fresh sugar water in the feeder and he must have been standing guard.  He actually had pinned the other "hummingbird" down in my lawn and was poking it with his long beak.  I couldn't believe my I banged on the window a little bit until it let the other one go and then they both flew off.  They are quite territorial.  I am not sure they were "Anna's hummingbirds" though because it happened so fast.  Sometimes with the bright glaring Arizona sun, you can't see all the beautiful colors in their feathers.  They are best photographed in the early morning hours.

Unlike most hummingbirds, the male Anna's Hummingbird sings during courtship. The song is thin and squeaky. During the breeding season, males can be observed performing a remarkable display, called a display dive, on their territories. The males also use the dive display to drive away rivals or intruders of other species. When a female flies onto a male's territory, he rises up approximately 30 metres (98 ft) before diving over the recipient. As he approaches the bottom of the dive the males reach an average speed of 27 m/s, which is 385 body lengths per second. At the bottom of the dive the male travels 23 metres per second (51 mph), and produces a loud sound described by some as an "explosive squeak" with his outer tail-feathers.

Barbara Rudolph

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