Friday, June 7, 2013

What does a Sun Conure, the Boston Red Sox and golf have in common?

"Photograph" of a Sun Conure  (Sun Parakeet)

What do the Boston Red Sox, Golf and a Sun Conure have in common? 

answer:    "A Commission"

My clients have a "bird" (a sun conure) named Coco.   They are also Boston Red Sox fans and love the game of "golf".  During my last show at the "Celebration of Fine Art" I was asked to paint Coco sitting on a few of his owner's favorite things.  I had his "Boston Red Sox" hat, his personally marked "golf ball" (with the Red Sox design), his "golf glove, golf tee" and his "golf shoes."

I took many photographs of the objects together, and then chose the one that I thought would make the best composition for the oil painting.

here is the rough sketch for the painting

Since I didn't have Coco in person, I had to rely on photographs of their bird.  I plan on painting him into my still life composition.  

Coco is a beautiful bird and I hear he has a wonderful personality too.

I first painted in my background color.  The next step was to sketch out the placement of Coco and the objects.  I decided to start blocking in my color with the three main objects:  Coco, the Boston Red Sox hat and his golf shoe.

Here I added some shadows behind Coco and the objects in the still life.  I will continue to build the colors by layering my oil paint in thin layers.  I have to finish the details in the golf ball and golf shoe and continue to work on Coco. I have to let each layer dry before I can paint in the next one.  

Tonight I will be painting at the "Royal Palms Resort" here in town, continuing to work on this oil painting.  
The "Celebration of Fine Art" (artists) have original paintings and sculptures throughout this lovely hotel.  Every Friday night throughout the summer months a few of us will be painting or sculpting at "Cervantes Bistro" in the "Royal Palms Resort".

Check back in soon to see the progress on this painting I call.... "Did I hear you say golf?"    

Here is a snapshot of artist "Becky Joy" painting at Cervantes.  She will also be painting at the "Royal Palms Resort" tonight.  Click the link here if you are interested in visiting or reading more about the Celebration of Fine Art at the "Royal Palms" and our Friday night summer painting events.


Barbara Rudolph

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