Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fourth of July Sparrow Painting

A is for:   American Tree Sparrow

Here is another little miniature oil painting in my "sparrow series."  This one measures 5 x 7" and is painted on board.  I love the variations of color in the sparrows, each one is so unique and can be a challenge to capture in oil.  I thought this little painting would be perfect for the 4th of July.

Original & prints are available


About the "American Tree Sparrow" from the Cornell Lab "All About Birds" 

  • Size & Shape

    American Tree Sparrows are small, round-headed birds that often fluff out their feathers, making their plump bodies look even chubbier. Among sparrows, they have fairly small bills and long, thin tails.
  • Color Pattern

    A rusty cap and rusty (not black) eyeline on a gray head, a streaked brown back, and a smooth gray to buff breast in both male and female American Tree Sparrows give an overall impression of reddish-brown and gray. A dark smudge in the center of the unstreaked breast is common.

Barbara Rudolph

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