Friday, April 5, 2013

Hummingbird on Violin oil painting "The Recital"

"The Recital"

This little oil painting has a little "hummingbird" sitting on a "violin."  I took the photograph of the "hummingbird" outside my window not long ago.  I wanted to paint a very small painting of just the center of a violin, and this little bird was just the right fit.  I painted it during my last art show and it happened to sell on my last day of the show.  It was a fun painting.  I used a "canvas panel" instead of canvas. I decided that I like to paint on canvas instead.  The primed panels (boards) absorb all of the oil paint so fast that it takes quite a bit more layers of paint to achieve the look I want.  One good thing about the canvas panels is that you can achieve very fine detail.

Barbara Rudolph

I got this shot of a "hummingbird" this morning outside my kitchen window

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