Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Birds and Shoes - oil paintings

The Fashion Blues

This little oil painting was part of a three piece commission.  My client brought me her favorite pairs of "shoes" to paint with a "bird" on each of them.  I painted a "bluebird" on the blue sandal first.  The canvas size on each one is 8 x 8".

"Two Step"

The second one was a tweed black and white shoe with bright red trim.  I painted a little warbler onto that "shoe".   The 3rd one was actually painted during my previous year's art show.  It was a fun little animal print shoe that I posted a while back called "Curious Couture."

"Curious Couture"

It's always nice to get commissions finished up and shipped out.  I hope she will enjoy them in her new home.

Barbara Rudolph

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Angela Sullivan said...

I am lovin this series. The shoes are the cutest and your birds wonderful as always.