Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hummingbird on wine bottle oil painting

Hummingbird on "Donkey and Goat" Wine 

painted in oil

This oil painting of a "hummingbird" sitting on top of a wine bottle, was a recent commission.  I painted it during my art show at the "Celebration of Fine Art."  It was a birthday gift for a friend of the lady that commissioned it.  They had all turned "52" this year, and the wine glass has the number "52" etched in it.  The "Donkey and Goat" was also significant to some of their childhood memories, which is why this bottle of wine was selected for the painting.

It was a fun painting, and although I haven't heard back yet, I sure hope the recipient enjoyed it.

Barbara Rudolph


Angela Sullivan said...

Soooo beautiful.

Arturo de Miguel said...

Buen trabajo Barbara.
Saludos desde EspaƱa.