Friday, October 12, 2012


This little "sparrow" oil painting is going to be part of a triptych of small "sparrows".  This is the first in a set of three.  I painted it on a chunky gallery wrapped canvas size 6 x 6".  I photographed the little "bird" outside my kitchen window.   They like to come and eat at the feeder right up until dark, then they disappear again until morning.   I painted it on the dark background, which I often do to bring the focus on the little "bird."   I will post the other two once I finish them.  The set will be available at my next "Celebration of Fine Art" show, which opens in January.

Barbara Rudolph

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Marc Calvo said...

Cute picture of this nice sparrow.The humble bird that gives his company every day,and enrich the gray enbironment of our cityes in our villages and become more hospitable all the humanized places.