Wednesday, October 31, 2012


"For Molly"

I just finished the two oil paintings of the "Children's Books and Toys" commission.  I have been working on them for a long time, all throughout the summer in fact.  It feels good to bring them to completion.  I am happy with them and am excited to deliver them to my clients home.  The one above is for "Molly", their grand daughter.  Some of the items that were asked to be included were and "elephant", a "sock monkey", a "penguin", a "ladybug" and some of their favorite children's books.  I changed a few titles and images around in the books to make them unique for these two paintings. 

The one below is for "Lily".  I had to paint in a little "bird" too since "birds" are my specialty.  Each oil painting is 24 x 18".   I am not sure what I am going to do without these two paintings in my studio any more.  It wont look the same.  They were so much fun to paint.  I think the hard part was gathering all of the various items I would need to set up the still life for reference.  Once I did that and got the first sketch in, the painting part goes smoothly.

I hope you like them.  You can see the progression of these paintings on earlier posts here on my blog.

"For Lily"

Here is a picture of the "Children's Books & Toys Painting" all finished, and sitting side by side, and then a few detail photos to follow:
(you can click on the images to see them a little bit larger)

all ready to go

detail of "Molly's

detail of Lily's

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Thanks for looking.

Barbara Rudolph 

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