Thursday, October 25, 2012

Children's Books and Toys - Oil Painting in progress

This is the next phase in the "Children's Books & Toys"
oil painting for "Molly"

As I continue to work on both of these oil paintings, I switch back and forth between them allowing the oil to set up so I can do the next phase of the painting.  Above is the one with the teddy bear, duck and elephant for my clients grand daughter Molly.  Below is the painting for "Lily" sitting on my studio floor, waiting patiently for her turn in the next stage of the painting.

Now I will put "Lily's" back on the easel:  It's Lily's Big Day:

 I worked on a few of the books here and began to fill in some of the background layers of color in the center of the painting.  

Below - - It is Molly's turn to wait patiently for the next stage in her painting.

Tune in again soon to see the progress of these two paintings.

Barbara Rudolph

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