Sunday, September 30, 2012

Golf Painting "Birdie" (One Under Par)

(One Under Par)

One of my new oil paintings "Birdie" began with the idea for some "golf paintings."  I had a pair of men's "golf" shoes that belonged to my late father, so I decided it would be fun to paint one of them in a fun still life.  I took a lot of photographs of my idea first.  I also spent a lot of time trying to capture some good photos of a "hummingbird" that frequently sits in my patio tree.  

Setting up the still life here

Watching, waiting and then photographing my bird for the painting

Deciding on the pose to use

detail of golf glove 

Here is a photo of my oil painting when in progress

This new "oil painting"  "Birdie" will be available at the next "Celebration of Fine Art" show which opens in January.  I will also have a limited edition of giclee prints on canvas of this new painting for sale.  The original oil is being framed now, and it measures 9 x 12".  It will make a great gift for the "golfer"/"bird lover" in your life.

Email me if you have any questions, and your comments are always welcome.  Just click on the comment link at the end of this post to leave one.

Barbara Rudolph

Friday, September 21, 2012

"His Eye Is On The Sparrow" - Oil Painting

"His Eye Is On The Sparrow"

click on image to see larger

This is a little oil painting on canvas I just finished.  It is simple and and features a "common sparrow".   I have been interested in painting "sparrows" lately, enjoying them and watching them.  The "sparrow" is the most widespread wild bird in the world.  Although it is considered common and generic, I find them fascinating.

Even in the Bible, God cares for the simplest forms of life, "His eye is on the sparrow".  A lone sparrow was a symbol of deep loneliness.  "We" (the human species) should understand the lesson in that - even the weak and the poor should be considered just as significant.

Emily Dickinson wrote:

"A SPARROW TOOK A SLICE OF TWIG" Emily Dickinson c. 1872 ======================================== A Sparrow took a Slice of Twig And thought it very nice I think, because his empty Plate Was handed Nature twice-- Invigorated, waded In all the deepest Sky Until his little Figure Was forfeited away--

I am attracted to painting things in black and white lately with a lot of contrast and little color.  I think it helps to focus on the subject, or the message of the painting.  I struggled with the idea of doing this one simply in black and white, but then decided to add some subtle colors in my "sparrow."  It will be for sale at my next show at the "Celebration of Fine Art" in Scottsdale, Arizona, which will open in mid January.  I plan on having more "sparrow paintings" along with all of my other "birds in still life" series.

Barbara Rudolph

Saturday, September 1, 2012

For the Love of "Bluebirds" - wonderful sculptures by Ken Newman

"All For the Love of Bluebirds"
A new edition of bronze and stone sculpture by Ken Newman 

"Ken Newman" is an amazing artist and person who sculpts a story in raw forms of wood or clay to be later cast in bronze.  He has a new edition of "Bluebirds" on heart shaped stones that are then mounted onto unique wood bases.  They are wonderful!!  He and his partner Debbie travel across country year round participating in museum and gallery exhibitions.  I have been fortunate to be able to observe his works in progress, and he truly is a magician.  Every touch or mark he makes in his clay or wood sculpture is meticulously thought through first, telling a story and taking you away from the trials of life.

You just have to see more of his grab a cup of coffee and click on the link below to read all about the "Bluebird" sculptures here.  (You can also click on the next link to go to his main page to see more incredible works.)

"All For the Love of Bluebirds" post:

"Ken Newman - Sculpting on the Road"

We will be "studio neighbors" at the next "Celebration of Fine Art" show in Scottsdale, Arizona which opens on January 12th.

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