Friday, August 31, 2012

Maryland - State Bird - "Baltimore Oriole"

As I continue with my "State Bird" series of oil paintings, I just completed the "state bird" of "Maryland" the "Baltimore Oriole".   This is going to be an on going project over the next many months to come.  They are fun little paintings that measure 12"x5" on gallery wrapped canvas.  ( I will also have each one available in prints. )  I have been collecting vintage postage stamps to include in each "state bird" painting that I paint.  I am also including pieces of old vintage maps and a little antique sheet music when I can find it.

The "Baltimore Oriole" male has a brilliant orange plumage with a solid black head.  They are fond of fruit and nectar, and can be easily lured to backyard feeders.  I wish we had them here in Arizona, but we don't.  Thankfully we have a lot of other beautiful birds here to study and paint.

Check back in again to see more of the "state bird" series.  I hope to have a large collection of them finished for the next "Celebration of Fine Art" show which will open in January.  The prints will be available from my website very soon.

Celebration of Fine Art

Barbara Rudolph

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wyoming State Bird - Western Meadowlark

The Western Meadowlark
The State bird of Wyoming

The summer is flying by fast with so many things to do and paintings to paint.  I had this idea a couple of months ago to do a series on the "Historic Route 66" and the "birds"  from each of the states on "Route 66."   This historic highway travels through eight states and begins in Chicago, Illinois and continues through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in Santa Monica, California.   

After thinking about it a little more, I decided that it would be even more challenging and fun to do an entire series of "ALL 50 States" with the "state bird" representing each state.  This project will definitely take a long time to finish, but I plan on doing several a month while continuing on with my larger oil paintings for my next show.  

The first of my "State Bird Series" is "Wyoming."   It is an oil painting on canvas of a "Western Meadowlark."  I have been collecting old vintage maps, and postage stamps that correspond with each of the states and their state symbols.  The "buffalo" and the "trout" are symbols for the state of "Wyoming."  I was lucky enough to find these old stamps for my "Western Meadowlark" painting, so I incorporated them into my painting.  I prepped my canvas first with gesso and then added an old vintage map of "Wyoming."  The rest of the painting is done in oil paint.  I don't think I will add the old stamps to all of the paintings, just the ones where I think it makes a nice composition.

I started with the state of  "Wyoming" because I have some work in a gallery there and I thought they might like to have some of the "prints" for the tourists that stop by the gallery there.  (I will be offering each of these paintings in "prints" too.)  The original oil paintings on canvas I am going to reserve for my next art show in Scottsdale, at the "Celebration of Fine Art."  The prints will be just a bit smaller than the originals, which are 12 x 5" each. I hope you like my "State Bird Series."   More to come over the next few months....

Barbara Rudolph