Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Yellowthroated Warbler" painted in oil

Just wrapping up the "Alphabet Mini Painting Challenge" this month, these two images show the oil paintings I did for the letter "Y" and yesterday's letter "X".   The "common yellow-throated warbler" was a fun little painting I did on a 6x6" deep gallery wrapped canvas.  I thought it would look good on a bright colored red background to show off such a pretty colored "bird."

Yesterday's challenge was the letter "X".  I painted an "Xantus" Hummingbird.  They are different looking than what I get in by own backyard, but interesting birds.  They are a "Mexican Hummingbird."  It was a little difficult to find a bird that began with the letter "X" so I am just happy I found one.  This one is painted in oil on a 4x4" canvas panel.

There is only one more to go in the challenge for me, the letter "Z".  Several of the artists have already finished the challenge, but I am running about 2 days behind.  There is one or two others that are also working on the remainder of their paintings.  It was a fun little summer motivational project, but it is time to get down to some serious work now.

Barbara Rudolph

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