Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miniature Bird Paintings in Oil - Alphabet Mini Challenge Continued

The Alphabet Mini Painting Challenge Continued... 

I haven't had a chance to post some of my new little "bird oil paintings" from the "Alphabet Mini's Painting Challenge," so I put a grouping of them here.  The artists that are participating have each been posting them on Facebook every day.  It is fun to see what the other painters and sculptors are doing.     I have actually fallen two days behind now, but hope to catch up soon.  I will frame them up and some of them up will be for sale on my website or the next "Celebration of Fine Art" show, or at "The Hummingbird House" in Sedona.  

A few of the little "hummingbird" paintings I am bringing up to Sedona, Arizona for the "Hummingbird Festival" which is August 3-5th.  I will have some for sale at the "Hummingbird House" gift shops.

Here is also a link to the "Sedona Hummingbird Festival":

If you are in the area, be sure and visit the "Hummingbird House" at one or both of their locations at:
  • The Historic Hart Store, 100 Brewer Road  928-282-0705
  • The Hyatt Shops at Pinion Point, Uptown Sedona  928-282-8444  

Barbara Rudolph

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