Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"M" is for "Mockingbird" in the Alphabet Mini's Painting Challenge

"M" is for "Mockingbird" in the "Alphabet Mini's Painting Challenge"

 Today's sketchbook page

 Today's mini oil painting of a "Mockingbird"

I used a canvas panel for this one, size 12x9" painted in oil.  This challenge started with a few artists that decided to paint or sculpt on miniature piece per day working our way through the Alphabet.  Today was the letter "M", so I decided to do a "Mockingbird."

I missed a few days of posting, so here are a few of the other daily miniatures:

"L" is for "Lovebird"

These peach faced "lovebirds" visited my back yard not long ago.  I decided to do a quick oil sketch yesterday for the "L" challenge.

"K" is for "Kinglet"

5x7"oil on canvas

 "J" is for "Junco"
3"x3" oil on canvas

"I" is for "Indigo Bunting"
4x4" oil on canvas panel

I just picked up some little custom frames I had made for a few of these.  They will be for sale through my website or at my next show.

Barbara Rudolph