Saturday, June 9, 2012

"H" Is for "House Finch" in the "Alphabet Mini's Challenge"

"House Finch on Teapot"

Yesterday's challenge was the letter "H" in the "Alphabet Mini's Challenge."  I photographed this little "finch" in my backyard and then painted it on one of my mini "tea pots".  This challenge has been fun, but also a bit more work than I anticipated.  A group of artists are each painting or sculpting one per day this month, working our way through the alphabet.  Since I focus on "birds in my art" I am choosing a different "bird" each day.  I decided it would be a great challenge to help me paint a little bit faster as well as to get some mini oil paintings ready for my next show.

The "House Finch on the Tea Pot" will receive a new title once I come up with a good one.  It is painted on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 10x6x1.5"

Since I didn't get around to posting my "G" painting the previous day, here it is:

"G" is for "Goldfinch"
4x4" Oil on canvas panel

Barbara Rudolph

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