Sunday, May 27, 2012

June Painting Challenge - "Alphabet Minis"

The "Alphabet Mini's Project.
Join in this painting challenge for the month of June

Here is a wonderful painting challenge for the month of June.  Two extremely talented artist that I have met from doing the "Celebration of Fine Art" show together, posted this venture on Facebook, and I think it is a fantastic idea.  Beginning on June 1st, every day paint something small that begins with the letter "A" and work your way through the alphabet.    You can create whatever it is that you do, but challenge yourself to do one everyday working from A to Z.  Since I needed a little "summer inspiration", this seems like a fun challenge to me.

Since I paint "birds"  I am already starting to think of "birds" that begin with the letter "A" "Albatross"....."Anna's Hummingbird"......"American Tree Sparrow"....."American Goldfinch".....   sounds like fun...but not sure what I'll do for "X", "Y" and "Z"???  Any ideas?

Anyone can join in this fun challenge.  If you do, please forward me your information and I'll link your sites.  The credit for this "Alphabet Mini's" challenge goes to "Paul Rhymer" and "Jennifer O'Cualain" who then credit the artists below in the original post:

Starting June 1st I am embarking on a little 26 day self indulgent project Jennifer O'Cualain and I are calling "Alphabet Minis." So on the 1st I'll sculpt, and she will paint, something that has to do with the letter "A" and will work through June until we get the whole alphabet finished. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us in this venture. I may cast and sell these as one-of-a-kind pieces, but the main idea is to create every day. Anyone else in?
Tip 'o the hat to Adele Earnshaw for inspiring me to do this. — withKay Crane.

Paul Rhymer is an award winning sculptor
Jennifer O'Cualain an award winning wildlife painter

Barbara Rudolph
my website

I hope you will join in too

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