Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baseball Painting - Problems and Solutions - Lost and Found edges

Continuing on with my "In-Progress Hank Aaron oil painting"

I have painted in the "baseball glove", "bird", and "books" here, minus the details.  I still have to do all of the shadows and highlight in the glove and the books.  I will also have to paint in the shelf and the background shadows of the painting.  Before I could get to this stage, (as shown above) I had to resolve a "problem area" with the right side of the "baseball."  (see images below)

One important element I have learned in painting is what is called a "Lost and Found" edge.  It is very important to have this in your paintings.  I struggled with this for a long time and couldn't see it in my earlier works.  I had a friend and very talented artist point this out to me a few years ago while doing a show together.   He would  just walk right up to my painting and say Barbie "You need to "loose that edge".   Thank you "Kirk Randall".   I was just working too close to my paintings and was missing that very important lesson.  Even now...as I am working on several of these "baseball" commissions, I discovered a problem area with my "Hank Aaron" painting.    

In this first image below, do you see the "hard line" on the right side of my "baseball"?  Looks terrible right?

The solution:  I made the right side of the "baseball" in a much stronger shadow.  "Lost and Found" edge here.  See the difference it made?  Just a very simple step to do, but what a difference it makes.  Now I can continue on to the next layer of color.

Hope you will check back in again soon to see the finished "baseball" paintings. Click on the comment link below to leave a comment.

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