Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baseball Painting "The Love of Baseball" with Hank Aaron Ball

"The Love of Baseball"

Another of my "baseball" commissions is finished up and ready to go to the framers today.  It is an oil painting of an old "baseball glove" with a ball autographed by "Hank Arron".  I also painted in several of the books that belong to my clients like "The Love of Baseball".  They are particularly fond of the "American Goldfinch" since they have them around their home in Wisconsin.  We also have the "goldfinch" or "lesser goldfinch" here in Arizona, and they are fun to watch.  I like to photograph them and use them for reference in my oil paintings.  I think the bright yellow color of the "bird" really helps this oil painting pop.    

It measures 12x16" and is painted on canvas.  
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Barbara Rudolph

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Diane said...

This painting is just spectacular. Keep up the good work.