Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baseball Painting "The Love of Baseball" (framed)

"The Love of Baseball"

Here is just a snapshot of the new oil painting framed up for my client.  

Barbara Rudolph

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baseball Painting "The Love of Baseball" with Hank Aaron Ball

"The Love of Baseball"

Another of my "baseball" commissions is finished up and ready to go to the framers today.  It is an oil painting of an old "baseball glove" with a ball autographed by "Hank Arron".  I also painted in several of the books that belong to my clients like "The Love of Baseball".  They are particularly fond of the "American Goldfinch" since they have them around their home in Wisconsin.  We also have the "goldfinch" or "lesser goldfinch" here in Arizona, and they are fun to watch.  I like to photograph them and use them for reference in my oil paintings.  I think the bright yellow color of the "bird" really helps this oil painting pop.    

It measures 12x16" and is painted on canvas.  
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Barbara Rudolph

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Painting Baseball "DEM BUMS" FINISHED! "In The Catbird Seat"


My "Dem Bums" commissioned "baseball" painting is finished.  The title of the oil painting is "In The Catbird Seat."  This oil painting commemorates when the "Brooklyn Dodgers" beat the New York Yankees in game seven of the "1955 World Series".    

My clients had several important objects that they wanted included in the painting.  The "baseball books", the original "Brooklyn Dodgers" cap and the "DEM BUMS" vanity plate.  (That phrase was considered a term of endearment in Brooklyn.)  Since I specialize in "oil paintings with birds" the "catbird" fit perfectly into this composition.  "Red Barber" the very famous Major League Baseball announcer of the time, made the phrase "Sitting in the Catbird Seat" popular.  It meant "sitting pretty" like a batter with three balls and no strikes on him.  

I posted some snapshots of the in-progress work on earlier blog posts.  I actually have been working on two different "baseball" commissions this month and if feels good to have them all finished up so I can move on to some new paintings.

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Barbara Rudolph

Sunday, May 27, 2012

June Painting Challenge - "Alphabet Minis"

The "Alphabet Mini's Project.
Join in this painting challenge for the month of June

Here is a wonderful painting challenge for the month of June.  Two extremely talented artist that I have met from doing the "Celebration of Fine Art" show together, posted this venture on Facebook, and I think it is a fantastic idea.  Beginning on June 1st, every day paint something small that begins with the letter "A" and work your way through the alphabet.    You can create whatever it is that you do, but challenge yourself to do one everyday working from A to Z.  Since I needed a little "summer inspiration", this seems like a fun challenge to me.

Since I paint "birds"  I am already starting to think of "birds" that begin with the letter "A" "Albatross"....."Anna's Hummingbird"......"American Tree Sparrow"....."American Goldfinch".....   sounds like fun...but not sure what I'll do for "X", "Y" and "Z"???  Any ideas?

Anyone can join in this fun challenge.  If you do, please forward me your information and I'll link your sites.  The credit for this "Alphabet Mini's" challenge goes to "Paul Rhymer" and "Jennifer O'Cualain" who then credit the artists below in the original post:

Starting June 1st I am embarking on a little 26 day self indulgent project Jennifer O'Cualain and I are calling "Alphabet Minis." So on the 1st I'll sculpt, and she will paint, something that has to do with the letter "A" and will work through June until we get the whole alphabet finished. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us in this venture. I may cast and sell these as one-of-a-kind pieces, but the main idea is to create every day. Anyone else in?
Tip 'o the hat to Adele Earnshaw for inspiring me to do this. — withKay Crane.

Paul Rhymer is an award winning sculptor
Jennifer O'Cualain an award winning wildlife painter

Barbara Rudolph
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I hope you will join in too

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baseball Painting - Problems and Solutions - Lost and Found edges

Continuing on with my "In-Progress Hank Aaron oil painting"

I have painted in the "baseball glove", "bird", and "books" here, minus the details.  I still have to do all of the shadows and highlight in the glove and the books.  I will also have to paint in the shelf and the background shadows of the painting.  Before I could get to this stage, (as shown above) I had to resolve a "problem area" with the right side of the "baseball."  (see images below)

One important element I have learned in painting is what is called a "Lost and Found" edge.  It is very important to have this in your paintings.  I struggled with this for a long time and couldn't see it in my earlier works.  I had a friend and very talented artist point this out to me a few years ago while doing a show together.   He would  just walk right up to my painting and say Barbie "You need to "loose that edge".   Thank you "Kirk Randall".   I was just working too close to my paintings and was missing that very important lesson.  Even I am working on several of these "baseball" commissions, I discovered a problem area with my "Hank Aaron" painting.    

In this first image below, do you see the "hard line" on the right side of my "baseball"?  Looks terrible right?

The solution:  I made the right side of the "baseball" in a much stronger shadow.  "Lost and Found" edge here.  See the difference it made?  Just a very simple step to do, but what a difference it makes.  Now I can continue on to the next layer of color.

Hope you will check back in again soon to see the finished "baseball" paintings. Click on the comment link below to leave a comment.

Barbara Rudolph

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hummingbird House - Beautiful Things

Mother's Day weekend I spent with a friend up in Sedona, Arizona.  I brought up some of my smaller sized paintings to deliver to "The Hummingbird House" to have on display for sale at their two locations in Sedona.  "The Hummingbird House" has a collection of home decor, gifts, and treasures to inspire.  

 One of the store locations is at the "Hyatt Shops at Pinion Point", in uptown Sedona.  They have so many beautiful things for sale such as antiques, custom furniture, garden accents.  They now also have a few of my musical inspired paintings to go with their musical antiques.  Both locations are full of "beautiful things" and have such friendly service too.  It is hard to visit without making some kind of a purchase.  There is something for everyone there.

This is the original location of the "Hummingbird House" at 100 Brewer Rd.  It is a charming store full of "beautiful things".    This house is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, and was built in 1926  and was Sedona's first general store.      

Both shops are full of art, seasonal gifts and home accessories

Some Really Cool Stuff too

This is the entrance to "The Hummingbird House" at the "Hyatt Shops"
(It is just across the road from the other location, but offers a different
variety of treasures and gift items)

There is a beautiful antique organ in the Hyatt shop

Lots of musical things too

This is the friendly owner of the "The Hummingbird Houses"
Annemarie Hunter 

If you are in Sedona, be sure and visit "The Hummingbird House".    
The Historic Hart Store:   100 Brewer Rd  
The Hyatt Shops at Pinion Point, Uptown 

Barbara Rudolph

Friday, May 18, 2012

Painting Baseball "Dem Bums" continued progress

Still working on the "Brooklyn Dodger's" oil painting here:

Also I have another "Hank Arron" baseball painting in progress here:

These are a lot of work, but also challenging and fun.

Barbara Rudolph
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Painting Baseball - Dem Bums In-progress oil painting

Continuing on with one of my baseball commissioned oil paintings - a tribute to the "Brooklyn Dodgers."

Here is a photo of the early phase, where I am still just beginning to block in the colors of the glove, ball and books.  I also am beginning the old license plate "DEM BUMS".   My client's old license plate is pretty cool and is an important element in this painting.

You can click on an image to view it larger

An earlier photo taken here as I was beginning the color blocking. 

I will continue to work on this one and several others through the end of May.  I hope you will check back in from time to time to see the in-progress photos.  Your comments are always welcome, just click on the comment link below to leave one.

Barbara Rudolph