Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Backyard Swingers "My New Finch Swing"

La La La - La La....Enjoying My New Finch Swing

"Backyard Swinger" -  Lesser Goldfinch

It is so darn hot here right now that I am just hibernating inside and painting a lot.  A client of mine recently gave me a "thistle bird feeder."  I have been hoping to attract some "Goldfinch" outside my kitchen window to photograph for paintings.  After waiting a few weeks, a couple of them turned up yesterday.  I was so excited to see them I made a "Finch Swing" for fun to see if they would like it.  I placed it by my feeder and it has become quite popular.  I realize upon seeing the pictures close up that I need to learn how to tie some of those boy scout knots.  Still, not bad for a first try and the little birds just love it.  You just need three little branches and some twine.

Now I better get back to work.

Barbara Rudolph
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"I guess I'm too big for the swing"


Angela said...

Love the swing and I think your knots are nice.

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