Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Backyard Swingers "My New Finch Swing"

La La La - La La....Enjoying My New Finch Swing

"Backyard Swinger" -  Lesser Goldfinch

It is so darn hot here right now that I am just hibernating inside and painting a lot.  A client of mine recently gave me a "thistle bird feeder."  I have been hoping to attract some "Goldfinch" outside my kitchen window to photograph for paintings.  After waiting a few weeks, a couple of them turned up yesterday.  I was so excited to see them I made a "Finch Swing" for fun to see if they would like it.  I placed it by my feeder and it has become quite popular.  I realize upon seeing the pictures close up that I need to learn how to tie some of those boy scout knots.  Still, not bad for a first try and the little birds just love it.  You just need three little branches and some twine.

Now I better get back to work.

Barbara Rudolph
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"I guess I'm too big for the swing"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bluebirds and the Color Blue - Oil Painting "Bluebird"


"The color blue" is found in so many species of "birds".  These "birds" are also some of the most attractive birds seen in North America.  So many people love "Bluebirds" and the color "Blue".  I love to paint them too.  I know that many of them are not actually "Blue", but just appear to be "blue" because of the way the light reflects upon the feathers.  I find that very interesting and either way, I still see them as a beautiful "blue" color.

I was trying to think of how many "birds" I could name that are "Blue."  I came up with quite a few:  "Indigo Buntings", "Eastern Bluebirds",  "Western Bluebirds", "Belted Kingfishers", "Tree Swallow", "Cerulean Warblers", "Blue Grosbeak", "Nuthatch", "Blue Jays",  "Mexican Jay",  "Mountain Bluebirds", some "Macaws", "Peacocks", "Dove", "Quail", and "Hummingbirds."  I love the iridescent colors on the throat feathers of many of the "hummingbird" species.  I am sure there are many others but I just can't name any more off the top.  I just wish I had a few of them around my own yard.    

What does the color "blue" represent?  I did a quick search and found the answer to be:  The sky, infinity, truth, youth, spirituality, and peaceful.  Everything I could find was calming and happy.  Maybe that's why they call the "Bluebird" "The Bluebird of Happiness."  What I don't understand is why does one describe a sad feeling as being "Blue"?  (That one I cannot explain.)

The oil painting above is a detail of a little "Bluebird" I just finished.  It is actually an "Indigo Bunting."   It is an oil on canvas 7 x 7".   It found a good home and I do hope it will make them very happy too.

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Barbara Rudolph

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cello and Hummingbird Oil Painting "The Soloist"

"The Soloist"
12 x 9 x 2.50"
Oil on Canvas

I just finished this oil painting titled "The Soloist."  It was a fun piece to do.   I have been painting a lot of different pieces lately with a "musical theme."  "The Soloist" is actually my daughters "cello."  I always include a little bird in my compostions too.  This little "hummingbird" looks so happy just sitting on one of the keys of the "cello."  I have so many ideas lately that I have become addicted to painting again and I am really enjoying it.  I will post some of the new work as I complete them, but will save some for my next art show.   This painting is available for sale now.

Barbara Rudolph

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jimmy Choo Shoe House Oil Painting

"Jimmy Choo Shoe House"

The little companion Jimmy Choo shoe is finished.  Each one is 7 x 7" on gallery wrapped canvas.   

Barbara Rudolph