Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Shoe with Hummingbird painting - "Home Sweet Home"

"Home Sweet Home"
My Lou B's

"Christian Louboutin"  "shoes" are like little jewels and ladies are crazy about them.  His luxury French "shoes" are as popular as Louis Vuitton is famous for his handbags.  This painting of a little "hummingbird" is sitting on the sexy red "Louboutin" pump.  I call it "Home Sweet Home."

This oil painting is 7 x 7" and is painted on gallery wrapped canvas. 

Barbara Rudolph

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hummingbird Photos "My patio friend" Is it an Anna's?

I am always trying to get good photographs of "hummingbirds" for my little "shoe" and "teacup" series of oil paintings.  This little "hummingbird" didn't seem to mind me taking his picture.  I got a few great shots and just wanted to share them.  I am not sure if it is an "Anna's" hummingbird or a "Ruby Throated?"

Barbara Rudolph

Guitar Oil Paintings "The Rivals" diptych

"The Rivals"
Gibson Les Paul with Mockingbird
Fender Stratocaster with Flicker
 I just finished "The Rivals."  Here are a few photos of the diptych commissioned oil paintings.

Detail Fender

Detail Gibson

Barbara Rudolph

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gibson Guitar Oil painting with Mockingbird "The Rivals" commission

Gibson Guitar with Mockingbird Oil painting
#1 of "The Rivals" diptych commission 

This is a finished snapshot of one canvas in "The Rivals" diptych commission.  It is 24 x 10" and is the "Gibson guitar with the Mockingbird".  The "Fender guitar" with the Gilded Flicker should be ready I hope by Thursday.  I will post it then.   They have been fun but a lot of work too.  I think painting the guitar strings and the machine screws were the most challenging part.   

I have a lot of new pieces in the works too that I hope to get finished up.  The next "Celebration of Fine Art" show will be here again before I know it.   

Stay tuned...and thanks for looking.

Barbara Rudolph

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birds on Guitars - Paintings...Still Working On Them

Handsome Woodpecker in progress

"Detail" of Gila Woodpecker on Gibson Guitar Neck

"Painting 1....still in progress in the studio"

Here is just a little update on my progress of the two "guitar paintings."  Today I hope to complete the mother-of- pearl  in-lay effects and the "Les Paul" lettering.  It takes a little bit of time and patience to do the lettering in oil.  I am also going to try and capture the iridescent quality of the shell in-lay from just my photograph.   I might have to stop by the art supply store again because I keep wearing down the points on all of my detail paint brushes.  Once that is finshed and completely dry, I will  then paint the strings.  I am just posting the photos of the "Les Paul" today, the "Fender Stratocaster" with the "Gilded Flicker" will be coming up next post. 

Hope you will stop back in to see.  Your comments are always welcome too.

Barbara Rudolph