Saturday, April 2, 2011

Juried Member of the "International Guild of Realism"

A couple of weeks ago I was officially invited to become a member of the "International Guild of Realism."  I am very excited to have been accepted into this group which has such an excellent reputation of high quality art and professionalism. 

IGOR strives to educate the art world concerning the latest developments in "Realism" through articles, museum lectures, and promotional activities.  The group also organizes individual as well as traveling museum exhibitions to expose it's members to a wider public, and to help set a standard for the genre.   It is very exciting to have the opportunity to participate in invitational "Realism" exhibitions and other art projects.

You can click on the link to the  International Guild of Realism  to view the artist members and to read more about this very special group.  

Barbara Rudolph


Ken Newman Sculpting on the Road said...

Congratulations Barbara, may 2011 be full of new beginnings with your birds!

Cathyann said...

Congrats, Barbara and thanks for commenting on my Chickadee painting at Gary Keimig's wilderness challenge.