Saturday, April 2, 2011

Desert Bontanical Gardens.....Butterflies.... and a quick look into spring

I went to the "Desert Botanical Gardens" the other day to photograph some birds and plants.  Here are a few of the photographs I took.  (You can double click on the images to see a larger size picture.)

Giant Swallowtail
papilio cresphontes

Julia Butterfly
Dryas iulia


Zebra Longwing
Heliconius charitonus

Zebra Longwing


Quail Posing for the camera

Cactus Wren

Lunch time


Cacti in bloom

More blooms

Dale Chihuly Sculpture

Time To Go

For info on the "Desert Botanical Garden" visit:  their website

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Barbara Rudolph

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Dean H. said...

Wow...Not only are you a fine painter, but a wonderful photographer also!