Friday, April 22, 2011

Ceramic Design by Jim Sudal - A Visit to his studio and gallery store

I am taking a little detour today from posting my paintings in progress to tell you about a very special studio and gallery I visited yesterday.   Artist "Jim Sudal" is very well known in the Southwest for his desert inspired ceramics and pottery.  His work reflects the beauty of the desert landscape through vibrant, garden-inspired colors and well known imagery such as prickly pears, blooming aloes and the "agave" which is his signature design.

His studio and gallery/store is right downtown in the Scottsdale Arts district.  He has been there four years now and I finally made my way in for a visit.  I was so impressed with his gallery and beautiful and very unique ceramics that I just wanted to share with everyone.  If you are in the area be sure and stop in to see it.  You will most definitely find a treasure or two to take home with you.   (I did)

He is located at 7037 East 1st Avenue, in Scottsdale.  Jim also does large installation pieces for clients like "Muhammad Ali."  You can visit his website to see the images of these very special designs in the homes of his clients.   See his website:

Artist - Jim Sudal

Barbara Rudolph

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