Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting Birds - Cardinal

Oil    12x4"

I painted this little "cardinal" towards the end of the "Celebration of Fine Art" show.    The show ended on Sunday, and after 10 weeks there, it will be nice to get settled back into the studio to begin some of my commissions.     It was a very good year and I have some exciting projects ahead.  There were a lot of requests for "cardinals" so I plan on painting more of them.  This one came out nice and I am trying to find some more canvas in this size.  I like to continue the painting around the edge of the canvas which is very popular and then there is no need for a frame.  I am off the the Desert Botanical Gardens soon to try and catch some good photographs of  "birds" in the landscape.....hopefully I will spot a "cardinal" too.

Barbara Rudolph


Angela said...

red is such a wonderful color and you used it well...

Cheryl Anderson said...

Thanks for your kind words about my art work, Barbara. I enjoyed meeting you, too and appreciated you taking the time to talk. Hope you're getting some much deserved rest this week!

I love this red cardinal painting. I've done fruits/veggies on this size, but the birds are a great idea. Your work is stunning, and you've got some great series going with your birds/instruments, flowers, travel journals. Very inspiring!