Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peach-faced love birds....a visit to my backyard

Just outside my window
What did I see?
Four peach faced lovebirds
while drinking my coffee

They visited just for one day
They ate and then flew away

I hope they will visit again
If I keep buying the good seed...they just may.

 One morning recently as I was just pouring my coffee, I heard a terrible rukus outside.  All of my regular birds that visit my feeder were frightened off as four "peach faced lovebirds" came to feast.  I have only heard about these birds, but never had I actually seen one.  Here... just two feet in front of me were four of these beautiful birds.  I could hardly believe it.  They didn't seem to mind me rushing off to grab my camera and taking about 100 pictures of them.  They just posed and ate until it was time to go.  Where they went?  I'll never know.

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